We are a growing alliance of partners in Wales working together to bring the international NO MORE campaign in partnership with UK SAYS NO MORE to our great country and give it our own special flavour.

The CYMRU SAYS NO MORE campaign is being led by Cardiff Women's Aid and you can find out more about us here.

We will be asking Welsh celebrities and public figures to lend their support but this is primarily about a grass roots, bottom up, public led awareness and engagement campaign.

By asking our fellow citizens to do something as simple as take a selfie making the pledge, or make it a fun event to take the pledge in groups or in fun places (top of Snowdon on the longest day anyone?) we will promote wider awareness and continue to drag the scourge of domestic violence and sexual assault out of the shadows so we can all stand up and say NO MORE



Cymraeg In your own words

Cymraeg No more silence

English In your own words

English No Excuses


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